Selasa, 06 Oktober 2015

This rubbish Make Beautiful Skin

Everyone would like to have a skin smooth and fresh. Most of them do skin care to look more perfect. However, to get a smooth skin that would have been required costly. For those of you who do not want to pay expensive, there are several ways that you can use. Even with the cost of free though.

For now do not rush to get rid of junk food that you consume. Because you need to know if there are some former junk foods that are beneficial for skin care. Want to know the rest of what foods can beautify the skin? Consider the following review.

1. The peel of lemon peel. After a squeeze of lemon do not immediately remove the skin. Porters tlemon potent able to brighten the folds and corners such as elbows and knees. In addition to also use lemon peel to whiten teeth.

2. Pouch teabag. Did you know former bag of tea bags can be used to eliminate acne and skin tightening. Besides the former bag of tea bags can be used to compress the swollen eyes.

3. Coffee grounds. Amapas you can use coffee as a natural scrub to remove dead skin cells. The content of the coffee to rejuvenate the skin.

4. The peel avocado skin. Remnants of avocado menempal on the skin can be used as a rake and a face mask. Let stand for 30 minutes and rinse with clean water.

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